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About Get in the Ring

Get in the Ring is a multipurpose tool that helps to solve the investment paradox. It is a non-profit concept, initiated by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, that has gone viral. A new podium that brings international startups and investors together in an internationally oriented environment.


Get in the Ring consists of The Investment Battle, the international competition in which entrepreneurs battle to secure their future investment; Get in the Ring Concepts, independently organised events which use the battle concept of Get in the Ring; and Get in the Ring Crowdfunding Campaigns in which promising startups are supported by Get in the Ring to boost their search for funding.

Get in the Ring | The Investment Battle

get-in-the-ringGet in the Ring | The Investment Battle is a global competition reaching out to entrepreneurs throughout the world. Eight of the most promising startups meet each other at the international final. Here they receive the rock star treatment and square off trying to secure an investment of up to €1,000,000, in front of four Champion investors and a captivated audience.

The main goal of The Investment Battle is to bring the most promising entrepreneurs from around the world in contact with investors and to inspire visitors to start their entrepreneurial journey.

Get in the Ring | Concepts

Get in the Ring | Concepts is a fully serviced package to organize your own Get in the Ring event. This concept can also be used as an element in one of your own events. In short, this concept entails two participants simultaneously pitch in a ‘ring’, from where they will battle in five different rounds to convince a jury.

Get in the Ring | Crowdfunding Campaigns

Get in the Ring | Crowdfunding Campaigns are equity based crowdfunding campaigns that are supported by Get in the Ring. By increasing the exposure of these campaigns Get in the Ring boost these startups in their search for funding.

Event Schedule

Global Entrepreneurship Week - Philippines
November 16-22, 2020
Metro Manila

8th Startup Huddle Manila
April 17, 2020
PSE Center, East Tower Tektite Ortigas Pasig City