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StartUp Cup Mission: Unleash local innovation to drive global prosperity.


StartUp Cup is unique because we:

  • Are open to ANY business idea, and specifically targets the under served majority of all startup businesses that lack experience and resources, and intend to stay small and local;
  • Focus on building sustainable businesses by educating entrepreneurs on the universals of designing a viable business model; including accelerated go-to-market strategies, customer development, bootstrap funding techniques, team development, and revenue generation;
  • Provide a locally-driven comprehensive and long-term judging, coaching, and mentoring process involving local business leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs;
  • Increase connection to Global Entrepreneurship Week to organically grow and enhance localized entrepreneurial ecosystems;
  • Increase community collaboration among business leaders, government officials, higher education institutions and business service providers.

phil-startup-cupStartUp Cup is:

  • A global network of locally-driven “accelerators without walls” open to any type of business idea. It can be replicated in any community and is a proven model to create viable businesses, grow jobs, and enhance entrepreneurial ecosystems;
  • An Official Partner of the U.S. State Department’s Global Entrepreneurship Program, an effort to promote and spur entrepreneurship around the world;
  • Lahore | Pakistan StartUp Cup Extreme Build-A-Business Weekend.
  • A Featured Event of Global Entrepreneurship Week;
  • Active in more than forty five countries worldwide from Asia to the Middle East, Africa, South America and North America, with 50+ StartUp Cup Business Model Competitions planned for 2014;
  • Licensed at no cost to a team of local Organizers that plan and execute all aspects for the Competition. Organizers are equipped with a turnkey system that includes: Website, step-by-step guide, document and email templates, bi-monthly coaching, marketing campaign templates, and video tutorials;
  • A team of seasoned entrepreneurs, mentors, and trainers are available to deploy to any region and assist in entrepreneur training, StartUp Cup activities and facilitate the design of a regional startup entrepreneurial ecosystem growth strategy.

Launch a StartUp Cup in Your Community!

Identify and Engage Entrepreneurs
StartUp Cup is a powerful magnet designed to attract, and enroll entrepreneurs with any type of idea, from any background, and any level of education.

Train Entrepreneurs How to Build a Company
Compress the time it takes for a new company to go-to-market, secure customers, and, most
important, to start generating revenue and grow a company that can stand the test of time.

Connect Entrepreneurs with Resources
Increase awareness and collaboration among local service providers to identify the resources available to entrepreneurs. Judges and coaches make personal referrals to friends and associates during the competitive process.

Fund New Companies Small and Large
Easily identify the new companies and teams that will most likely go on to create business
success. Increase the likelihood of investment and creation of Angel networks.

Celebrate the Entrepreneurial Spirit
StartUp Cup is a marketing and public relations machine with entrepreneurs featured in the local
media on a regular basis. StartUp Cup can also increase ties and engagement with Global
Entrepreneurship Week.

Event Schedule

Global Entrepreneurship Week - Philippines
November 11 - 17, 2024
Metro Manila