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Young Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines Proudly Supports India-Philippines Tech Summit 2024!

In an exciting development, the Young Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines has announced its proud support for the highly anticipated India-Philippines Tech Summit 2024! This collaboration aims to foster innovation, knowledge exchange, and strategic partnerships between the two nations in the realm of technology and entrepreneurship.

Scheduled to take place on March 5, 2024, at the prestigious Shangri-La The Fort in Manila, the India-Philippines Tech Summit promises to be a groundbreaking event. It will bring together visionary leaders, industry experts, and aspiring entrepreneurs from India and the Philippines, creating a dynamic platform for collaboration and growth.

The Young Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines recognizes the immense potential of this summit to drive economic progress and create a positive impact on society. By supporting this initiative, the society aims to encourage cross-border collaborations, explore cutting-edge technology trends, and showcase the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of both nations.

Attendees can look forward to a full day of engaging activities, including inspiring keynote speeches, insightful panel discussions, interactive workshops, and ample networking opportunities. This event will provide a unique space for knowledge sharing, idea generation, and the exploration of innovative solutions in various sectors.

The India-Philippines Tech Summit is poised to become a catalyst for economic growth, fostering an environment where disruptive ideas can flourish and transformative partnerships can be forged. It is an event that promises to shape the future of technology and entrepreneurship in both countries.

Stay tuned for updates on the event schedule, registration details, and the impressive lineup of speakers. Spread the word among entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and industry professionals, as this summit is set to be a remarkable convergence of talent, innovation, and collaboration.

Join the Young Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines in supporting the India-Philippines Tech Summit and be a part of this exciting journey toward a brighter future driven by technology and entrepreneurship!

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City College of San del Monte Young Entrepreneur Society Renews Membership with YES Philippines: A Gratitude Note to CCSDM YES Officers

City College of San del Monte Young Entrepreneur Society Renews Membership with YES Philippines: A Salute to Visionary Leadership

The City College of San del Monte Young Entrepreneur Society (CCSDM YES) proudly announces the renewal of its membership with the Young Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines (YES Philippines), underscoring its ongoing dedication to nurturing entrepreneurial talent within its student body.

CCSDM YES expresses heartfelt gratitude to its visionary advisors, Prof. Jeanne Mae Estrada and Prof. Joseph Anthony M. Quimson, MBA, for their unwavering support and guidance.

A special salute is extended to the dedicated officers who have demonstrated exceptional leadership:

  • President: Mary Grace Genobiagon
  • Vice President – Internal: Mark Austine Castillo
  • Vice President – External: Angelo Pangilinan
  • Secretary: Irish Mae B. Magayones
  • Treasurer: Dominador II M. Ignacio
  • Auditor: Marc Martin Maligat
  • Chief Business Officer: Charles Jhustyne Flores
  • Chief Documentation: Angel Mae Peña
  • Consolidation Officer:
  • Deputy Document Consolidation Officer I: Joanna Mhaica Mallare
  • Deputy Document Consolidation Officer II: Kc Lyn Inoferio
  • Chief Marketing Officer/Social Media Manager: France Christian Caoile
  • Marketing Officer I: Mary Anne Galang
  • Marketing Officer II: Bernadette Belarmino
  • Communication Officer 3rd Year: Kevin Camero
  • Communication Officer 2nd Year: Celine Aguilos
  • Communication Officer 1st Year: Mhike Ezekiel Bandoy
  • Logistics Officer: Rinalyn Ordoña

CCSDM YES looks forward to an exciting journey of innovation and collaboration as it continues to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.


The City College of San del Monte Young Entrepreneur Society is dedicated to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among its student body. Through various initiatives, CCSDM YES provides opportunities for growth, innovation, and collaboration, preparing students for success in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

MCC YES Takes a Leap into the Future: Welcomes Affiliation with YES Philippines


Young Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines (YES Philippines) is thrilled to announce that Mabalacat City College Young Entrepreneurs’ Society (MCC YES) membership. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for MCC YES, enhancing its commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation among its members.

The decision to join YES Philippines was made with the utmost enthusiasm, as it aligns perfectly with MCC YES’s mission to empower and inspire the next generation of business leaders. By becoming a part of the larger entrepreneurial community through YES Philippines, MCC YES aims to leverage the vast network and resources available to contribute to the development of its members.

The dedicated officers of Mabalacat City College YES have played a crucial role in making this partnership a reality. Their leadership and commitment have been instrumental in aligning the society’s goals with the broader vision of YES Philippines. The officers who have demonstrated exemplary dedication are:

  • Jessie Den G. Fernando – President
  • Sophia S. Galang – Vice President for Internal Affairs
  • Angellet E. Agustin – Vice President for External Affairs
  • Karylle P. Lacson – Vice President for Finance
  • Michaela O. Napone – Vice President for Marketing
  • Lyka Rose M. Ambrocio – Vice President for Membership
  • Jenna P. Mangalit – Vice President for Audit
  • Marial F. Quijano – Vice President for Graphics and Publication
  • Faith B. De Vera – Executive Secretary
  • Cholo S. Dandoy – BSE 1A Representative
  • Cristy A. Antolin – BSE 2A Representative
  • Yves D. Orbe – BSE 2B Representative

The society would also like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to the staff, dean, and all its members who have continuously supported and contributed to the success of MCC YES.

MCC YES looks forward to an enriching partnership with YES Philippines and is eager to collaborate on various initiatives that will benefit the entrepreneurial community at large.

About Mabalacat City College Young Entrepreneurs’ Society (MCC YES): MCC YES is a dynamic and forward-thinking student organization at Mabalacat City College dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership skills among its members. The society provides a platform for young entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and grow.

About Young Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines (YES Philippines): YES Philippines is a leading national organization committed to nurturing and empowering young entrepreneurs across the Philippines. The society aims to create a vibrant ecosystem that supports the growth and success of aspiring business leaders through networking, mentorship, and collaborative opportunities.

Young Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines Extends a Warm Welcome to MMSU-Young Entrepreneurs’ Society

The Young Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines (YES Philippines) is delighted to announce the addition of MMSU-Young Entrepreneurs’ Society as one of its newest and vibrant members. This collaboration marks an exciting partnership between two organizations committed to nurturing entrepreneurial spirit and fostering innovation.

YES Philippines extends its sincere appreciation to the officers of MMSU-Young Entrepreneurs’ Society for their dedication and enthusiasm in joining the YES community. Their commitment to empowering young minds aligns seamlessly with YES Philippines’ mission of cultivating a dynamic and supportive environment for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Meet the Officers of MMSU-Young Entrepreneurs’ Society:

  • Loverne Juztine D. Maneja – President
  • Hershey May B. Yabut – Vice President
  • Lei Anne B. Antonio – Secretary
  • Jenevie G. Aguello – Assistant Secretary
  • Krisha Faith O. Pasion – Treasurer
  • Marc Jairuz L. Bacting – Assistant Treasurer
  • Princess Jamaica G. Pastor – Auditor
  • Jeric Angelo U. Tagalicud – Press Information Officer
  • Valerie B. Saludez – Business Manager
  • Ralph Justine C. Belong – Business Manager
  • Caroline May E. Quijano – First Year Representative
  • Marie A. Soriano – Second Year Representative
  • Chloe Denisse B. Ramiscal – Third Year Representative
  • Kim T. Mateo – Fourth Year Representative
  • Kristine V. Benabice – Muse
  • John Paolo L. Mariano – Escort
  • Ms. Remalyn D. dela Rosa – Adviser

Together, YES Philippines and MMSU-Young Entrepreneurs’ Society look forward to creating meaningful collaborations, promoting entrepreneurship initiatives, and providing valuable opportunities for the growth and development of young entrepreneurs.

YES CARD-MRI Development Institute, Inc. – Bay Chapter Joins Young Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines

The YES CARD-MRI Development Institute, Inc. – Bay Chapter is pleased to announce its official membership in the esteemed Young Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines (YES Philippines). This collaboration marks a significant step for the institute as it becomes an integral part of a growing network of dynamic entrepreneurs and professionals dedicated to fostering innovation, mentorship, and business development.

The Young Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines (YES Philippines) expresses its gratitude to the dedicated directors and officers of YES CARD MRI for their unwavering support and commitment to the development of young entrepreneurs. The institute acknowledges the leadership of the following individuals:

  • Dr. Edzel A. Ramos – Dean
  • Glenda M. Lagarile – Faculty
  • Maria Ana Toledo – Faculty
  • Glenda Castronuevo – Faculty
  • Marisol M. Mendelivar – Faculty
  • Ivy M. Reblando – Faculty
  • John Leo B. Dominguez – Faculty
  • Johnny T. Tepase – Faculty
  • Lovely P. Miranda – Faculty
  • Rodilito M. Esguerra – Faculty
  • Melvin E. Agnote – Faculty
  • Robelyn Agonia – Faculty
  • Hydie Ballesteros – Faculty
  • Siera B. Belardo – Faculty
  • Lorelie F. Aguilar – Faculty
  • Renan Rada – Student
  • John Romel C. Sanchez – Student
  • Gillian Allyson D. Arjona – Student
  • Ma. Aicelle G Raquel – Student
  • Limuel A. Garcia – Student
  • Emilyn G. Adonis – Student
  • Ivy Honra – Student
  • Sheryn Mae Dionglay – Student
  • Paul Christian Latorgo – Student
  • Aldrich Endiape – Student

The YES CARD-MRI Development Institute, Inc. – Bay Chapter believes that its involvement with YES Philippines will open doors to invaluable opportunities for its members, fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation within the community. This collaboration aligns with the institute’s mission to empower and equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

As part of YES Philippines, the YES CARD-MRI Development Institute, Inc. – Bay Chapter looks forward to actively contributing to the organization’s initiatives, engaging in collaborative projects, and participating in events that promote entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices.

Batangas University Young Entrepreneur Society Charting New Horizons as it Joins Hands with Young Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines

In an exciting development for the entrepreneurial community at Batangas University, we are thrilled to announce that the Batangas University Young Entrepreneur Society (YES) has officially become a part of the prestigious Young Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines (YESPH). This strategic alliance marks a significant step forward for our organization, opening up new avenues for collaboration, networking, and growth.

The decision to join YESPH was made with careful consideration and aligns with our commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership among our members. By becoming a part of YESPH, we aim to amplify our impact and contribute to the broader entrepreneurial landscape in the Philippines.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the outgoing officers of Batangas YES, whose dedication and hard work have paved the way for this momentous collaboration. Under the leadership of President Jan Andrea V. Salisi, the Batangas YES team has demonstrated exceptional commitment, passion, and resilience in nurturing a thriving entrepreneurial community within our university.

Here is a heartfelt acknowledgment to the officers who have played pivotal roles in Batangas YES:

  • President: Jan Andrea V. Salisi
  • Vice President for Internal Affairs: Monique Elizabeth M. Gonzaga
  • Vice President for External Affairs: Mary Joy Patulot
  • Secretary: Princess Dalyn P. Marquez
  • Treasurer: Jamaica H. De Guzman
  • Assistant Treasurer: Shane Margarette D. Palicpic
  • Auditor: Nathaniel C. Secreto
  • Public Information Officer: Sol Jelaena M. Hernandez
  • Academic Head: Lady Carolyn A. De la Roca
  • Marketing Officer 1: John Paul P. Baldoza
  • Marketing Officer 2: Roanne Lyn M. Laylay
  • Logistic Officer: Anna Rose F. Famodulan
  • Sports and Recreation Head Officer: Bernie D. Delgado
  • Documentary Officer 1: Mariane Yvonne A. Lagrisola
  • Documentary Officer 2: Jelome U. Oruga

Their collective efforts have not only strengthened Batangas YES but have also laid a robust foundation for our transition into YESPH. We are confident that with the support of YESPH and the continued dedication of our members, we will achieve even greater heights in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

As we embark on this new chapter, we extend our warmest welcome to the entire Batangas YES community to join us in celebrating this exciting venture. Together, let us continue to inspire and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs in the Philippines.

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is Back for 2024

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is Back for 2024
The 2024 Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) is now open for applications. The program offers a chance to pitch on a global stage for a share of US$1 million in prizes plus additional investment opportunities and growth support.

EWC is more than just a global pitch competition with a shot at life-changing prizes. It elevates entrepreneurs from all stages—idea-stage, early-stage, growth-stage or beyond— by providing them with tools and resources to grow their venture.

Since launching in 2019, the Entrepreneurship World Cup has attracted 430,000 registrations from 200 countries and connected founders with over US$4M in cash prizes and another US$266M worth of free support and services.

Applications remain open until March 2024. The top 100 finalists globally will advance to pitch live at the EWC Global Finals in Fall 2024.

For more information and to apply, visit www.entrepreneurshipworldcup.com.


Event Schedule

Global Entrepreneurship Week - Philippines
November 11 - 17, 2024
Metro Manila