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A Roaring Success for the Entrepreneurship World Cup Philippines 2019

Mr. Mark Gersava, Founder and Chief Executive Farmer of Bambuhay

Innovative and Sustainable ideas celebrated at the Entrepreneurship World Cup.  Held last July 13, 2019, at the Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Bambuhay emerged as the champion for this year’s EWC Finals. Bambuhay will represent the Philippines in the 160 countries global finals this year. Bambuhay is a social enterprise that is leading the way in sustainable business creating inclusive and eco-friendly solutions to heal the planet and build opportunities by empowering marginalized communities.









There were 9 finalists who have competed in the said event were Bambuhay, Jungle, Burket, Efifactory, The Plastic Flamingo, Playtribe, Medikally, Malak and Flow’r Pow’r. Each of the participants were given a 5-minute duration to pitch and another 5 minutes were given for the judges to ask questions to the Start-up Presenter.

These start-ups compete with only one goal in mind and that is to get a hold of the life-changing prizes that the Entrepreneurship World Cup has to offer. The national winner will be competing to the upcoming Global Pitching Competition this year that will happen on November 12-14 at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They will also be receiving structured support and direct mentorship through GEN Accelerates.

Mr. Justin Lim, CEO of the Veer Immersive Technologies

To sum up the event, Mr. Justin Lim, CEO of the Veer Immersive Technologies was the resource speaker for the said event and he discussed “Youth Entrepreneurship: My Start-up Life”. He shared how introspection is important when planning a start-up, as you have to know yourself in order to create an Idea that will match your personality as a Founder. Mental health and positive outlook in life is also a part of his motivational talk.

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is more than just a global pitching competition with a shot at life-changing prizes. With 100,000 entrants from around the world, EWC elevates entrepreneurs – providing them with tools and resources to grow their venture.

To know more about Entrepreneurship World Cup, please visit https://entrepreneurshipworldcup.com/

Philippine Creative Business Cup 2018 Winner continues their journey to Copenhagen

Congratulations Alcoffea Tiles!

Last year’s Creative Business Cup winner is about to compete on the upcoming Creative Business Cup Global Finals 2019 which will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on July 1-2. Let us all support the team behind the Alcoffea Tiles for they will be representing the Philippines.

Creative Business Cup was part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Celebration last November 17, 2018, the said event was organized by Global Entrepreneurship Network Philippines.

Alcoffea Tiles is an agriculture startup that produces “Coffee Tiles” or tiles that are made from coffee waste. The tiles are eco-friendly, affordable and have reasonable mechanical features. The team had conceptualized “Coffee Tiles” in order to provide a cheaper alternative to the clay which is used to produce traditional tiles.

“In the short amount of time that the team had spent in Denmark for CBC 2019, we were able to learn a lot of useful things. Perhaps the most important lesson we’ve learned as a team was how to put ourselves out there and network with a diverse selection of people. The team is very lucky to have the opportunity to meet all the participants – to hear from them and learn their stories. We also had the opportunity to learn from an experienced public speaker during our boot camp. We were equipped with knowledge on how to engage the audience and sharpen our pitch, these are all very practical lessons that we can apply to other aspects of the business as well.”  According to Ms. Shannen Clui Anabo, Founder of Alcoffea Tiles as she shares their learning experience in Creative Business Cup 2019.

She also shared how it felt to represent our country and compete in Copenhagen for Creative Business Cup 2019

“Of course, initially there was a feeling of immense pressure. We felt as if we were to disappoint a lot of people if we don’t get to represent the country well. We’ve spent a lot of time honing our skills, polishing our report and our pitch as well, all so we could give back to many people who have always believed in us. We want to give the country a sense of pride. Being with the kind people of Creative Business Cup, gave the team a sense of warmth and familiarity that our troubles were eased. Currently, the team just feels glad to have been given this opportunity to work with a lot of people and of course, represent the Philippines.”


Young Entrepreneurs Society fetured eventCreative Business Cup is not just a competition, rather it aims to empower entrepreneurs and trend spotters from the creative industries around the world, connect startups to investors and global markets, while they also strive to strengthen the attendees’ innovative capabilities and benefit their businesses.

To know more about Alcoffea Tiles, check them out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AlcoffeaTiles/



Alcoffea Tiles to Compete in Creative Business Cup Global Finals

Out of 15 startups that joined the Pitch Competition held at the Global Entrepreneurship Week last November 17, 2018 at Far Eastern University Manila. Alcoffea Tiles won the title to compete for the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Alcoffea Tiles is an agriculture startup that produces “Coffee Tiles” or tiles that are made from coffee waste. The tiles are eco-friendly, affordable and have reasonable mechanical features. The team had conceptualized “Coffee Tiles” in order to provide a cheaper alternative to the clay which is used to produce traditional tiles.

The young socio-entrepreneurs envisions a better future for the people in Amadeo, Cavite by providing jobs, and by encouraging Filipinos to dispose and recycle coffee grounds properly.

“I think winning the competition was beyond our expectation. I was very passionate to pitch an idea in front of business professionals because, I think it will help a community and it can become a sustainable solution to a known predicament in the tile industry. The competition had provided us a great learning experience and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity.” said Shannen Anabo, Founder of Alcoffea Tiles

Young Entrepreneurs Society fetured eventCreative Business Cup is not just a competition but rather an opportunity to gather and empower startups and entrepreneurs for them to be able to showcase their talents and creative ideas in a wider scope of investors and moreover the global markets.

Alcoffea Tiles is our country’s representative for this year’s CBC Global Finals to be held on Denmark this July 2019.

YES Forum October: Pitching and Tech Trends

This month’s forum was different compared to the previous forums that we’ve been shared for the past 6 years. We are proud to present the 2 speakers that we had during the forum: Pushkart.ph CEO and Founder, Mr. Joshua Aragon and SORA Founder, Mr. Juan Dalisay Jr. who shared their valuable time and knowledge in their respective fields. The forum was held last October 11, with a topic entitled “Pitching and Tech trends”.

Our first speaker for this forum was the Co-Founder of Pushkart.Ph, Mr. Joshua Aragon. He started the forum by asking the crowd if they know how to pitch and how vital to know the art of pitching. He talked about how it helps him with his business and teaches the crowd how to do the right pitching.

The second speaker was the Founder of SORA, Mr. Juan Dalisay Jr. He started the forum by asking the crowd if they have a basic knowledge about Web development and Technology. His talk was very informative as he provides the best example to explain further his topic. He explained different platforms to use for non-tech people.

After sharing their expertise, both speakers provide advice related to their talk.

Both speakers took a photo along with the crowd.

YES Philippines would like to thank everyone who made this event possible especially to our partners Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) and Penbrothers.


President, Rodrigo R. Duterte shows his full support in celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week in the Philippines

The Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES) Philippines is proud to present the President of the Philippines,President Rodrigo R. Duterte shows his full support in celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week in the Philippines.

President Duterte commends in his letter the Global Entrepreneurship Network for an innovative campaign that supports the entrepreneurial environment in the Philippines.

He also mentioned that this is the best opportunity for industry leaders to share their valuable insights and best practices that will help the young generation to pursue entrepreneurship that could help improve the lives of many people and career opportunities.

To see his full message, see below:

Senator JV Ejercito commends celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week in the Philippines.

Senator JV Ejercito shared how being an entrepreneur have helped him sharpen his skills and confidence in which lead him to enter public service. In his stated letter, “I fully support this endeavor because before I entered public service, I also started as a young entrepreneur and doing business have honed my skills and confidence to thrive more as well as serve other people.”  

He also commends celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week that has been constantly spreading awareness about entrepreneurship and encouraging people to engage to become potent contributors to our economy.

To see his full message, see below:  


Vice President, Leni Robredo sends her dreams and wishes to all young entrepreneurs in the Philippines.

The Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES) Philippines is proud to present the Vice President of the Philippines, VP Leni Robredo shares her gratitude for celebrating the Global Entrepreneurship Week here in the country.  

VP Leni mentioned her dreams and wishes for all young entrepreneurs in the Philippines, “Ang pangarap at panalangin ko para sainyong mga kabataan ay ito, Kayo ay maging mga matagumpay na negosyanteng may konsensya, negosyanteng handang bahagian ang inyong mga empleyado ng biyaya ng kanilang tagumpay sa pamamagitan ng tamang pasweldo, tamang kalagayan sa trabaho, at tamang benepisyo.”    

Watch her full statement, see the video below:    

DTI Secretary Ramon M. Lopez sends his greeting for GEW 2018

DTI Secretary Ramon M. Lopez expresses his gratitude in having the celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week in the Philippines that he believes these business enterprises have helped the Philippines economy.

In his stated letter, “We are grateful to organizations like the GEN that spearhead programs to help entrepreneurs around the world and providing encouragement for our countrymen who want to start their own business.”

For more full statement, see below:

Financial Adviser: 5 Takeaways from Global Entrepreneurship Week to Help you Succeed in Business

Every year, during the second week of November, over 170 countries around the world celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW).

The event aims to inspire people from all walks of life to consider entrepreneurship as a way to financial independence.

More than 10 million people from different countries participate in at least 35,000 events during the weeklong activity to learn about entrepreneurship.

Like any startup, GEW started as an idea that became a global movement. It was founded in 2007 and initially launched as an entrepreneurial awareness campaign with 37 countries, led by the United States and the United Kingdom.

Through the years, the GEW movement has evolved to be a platform for collaboration and connections with more countries eventually joining to be a part of this important event.

Today, the Philippines is one of the active country promoters of GEW.

The Young Entrepreneur Society (YES), the official host of GEW in the Philippines, has been leading this weeklong entrepreneurial events in the country for the past five years.

To find out the schedules and activities that you can participate in during GEW, you can go here.

Whether you are a successful entrepreneur or an aspiring startup founder, being part of this event can benefit you in many ways. Here are five ways that GEW can inspire you to become a better entrepreneur:


1. Build your dreams with courage

You may not be good in numbers or creative enough to be in marketing but without the attitude of persistence and determination, succeeding in business is almost impossible.

Euclid Cezar, the founder of Famous Belgian Waffles, once lost all his life savings from investing in a business venture but he overcame this failure by having the right mindset.

“Today’s weapon is not your typical ‘study-hard-and-get-a-college-degree’ anymore,” Cezar says. “It’s having ‘tibay ng dibdib’ (fortitude). You must have the guts to become an entrepreneur. You must not wait for opportunity to come to you. You must create your own opportunity. The good thing about having guts is all about mind-setting and it does not cost you anything.”


2. Grow the business with guidance

Every entrepreneur encounters frustrations at one point or another. Difficulties in decision-making can happen for many reasons.

Having a business mentor or an advisory group can help you develop new perspectives and ideas. They can serve as your sounding board when making important business decisions.

Dennis Uy, the founder of Phoenix Petroleum and Udenna Holdings, one of the fastest-growing conglomerates with interests in logistics, hospitality and telecommunications, would always ask people with experience for advice.

“One of the keys to succeed in business is to be humble enough to admit that you don’t know,” Uy says. “I am not afraid to ask if I need to consult something from my own employees.

“Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you know everything,” he adds. “I have mentors who advise me in my business. We would discuss many things about business and even life experiences.”


3. Inspire your team with symbols

Having a meaningful brand can help you enable your employees to focus and move into action.

A strong brand vision helps ensure everyone is working towards achieving the same goal.

Robertson Sy Tan, the founder of Blade Auto Center, the largest car accessories store chain in the country, developed a brand that would inspire his employees to work harder and be competitive.

“When we were starting in the business, it was always a huge uphill battle,” Sy Tan says. “I likened our difficult situation with the experience of Andres Bonifacio in history. He was fighting against the Spaniards’ guns and canons with only itak or bolo. I used the bolo as symbol of our fight and that is how our brand name became Blade.

“The inspiration from the Katipunan was the reason why we wear red all the time because the color inspires us to get ready for battle.”


4. Strengthen market presence with good reputation

Building a positive image is about getting your stakeholders, your customers, suppliers and investors to trust you.

When you have a good reputation, you can influence how people feel about you as an entrepreneur and how you run your business.

Ricky Gutierrez, founder of 1771 Group of Restaurants, believes that having a positive reputation can be a good competitive advantage for the business over the long-term.

“At the end of day, reputation is more important,” Gutierrez says. “It is what will save you when things go bad. If you get a good name and people believe in you, no matter how tough your situation is, you can always find ways to turn things around. Every challenge is an opening to bigger opportunities.

“An entrepreneur is a person who sees things that others don’t. He or she is one who takes calculated risks and if the bet is wrong, has the capacity to change or reinvent himself by creating solutions in order to turn things around and not to run away when things get difficult.”


5.  Prepare for the future with the right skills

There is a saying that it is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.

If you want to make things happen in the future, you need to build yourself up.

Johnlu Koa, founder of The French Baker and master franchisee of Taiwan-based bubble tea chain Chatime, prepared himself well by developing his business skills early on when he took graduate courses and applied what he learned when he built his startup.

“If you prepare well to meet your opportunity, you are bound to succeed,” Koa says. “Winning should start on the first day, not on the 100th day when you have already blamed everybody.

“On the first day, you should already win. This is the SM way. Look at all possibilities.”


Henry Ong, RFP, is president of Business Sense Financial Advisors. Email Henry for business advice hong@businesssense.com.ph or follow him on Twitter @henryong888

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com.ph/startup-tips/financial-adviser-5-takeaways-from-global-entrepreneurship-week-to-help-you-succeed-in-business-a23-20181113?fbclid=IwAR0DiUjDaPAGYee78N_PTGofzoHJK8QqkRmlRlpgCORpT1MBmQJnzKXzaEc

CHED OIC MR. J. Prospero E. De Vera III, DPA sends his greeting for GEW 2018.

The Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES) Philippines is honored and proud to receive a greeting from the Commission of Higher Education.

The CHED Officer in Charge, Mr. J. Prospero E. De Vera III sent his warmest welcome to this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Philippines participants.

To see his full message, see below:

Event Schedule

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019
November 18 - 24, 2019