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GEW Celebration in the Philippines Highlights Failing Forward Conference

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Failing Forward Conference takes center stage during the week-long celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week here in the Philippines, hosted by Young Entrepreneurs Society. The said conference was held last November 17 at Meralco Multi-Purpose Hall, Ortigas, Pasig City from 1pm to 6pm.


Despite the competition with other APEC activities and event and projected traffic woes, YES Philippines has roughly gathered approximately 400 attendees in this event comprising of young entrepreneurs and university students sent by the university partners of YES Philippines.

This year, the conference featured leading innovative and excellent roster of speakers that has a proven track of success record and inspiring experiences when it comes to entrepreneurship

The eight speakers such as Jayson Lo, Best-selling author of YOUnique and YOUnique Youth; Alex Araneta, Certified Gallup Entrepreneur Strengths Coach and Chief Catalyst at Catalyst360 Consulting; Jim Donald, Director at Reality Homes Inc.; Kian Kazemi, CEO at Persia Grill; Rahul Maira, Product Manager at MoneyMax.ph and Co-founder at Groundflr.net; Ines Deschamps, Director of Global Business Development at Focus Group Investment; Rebecca Bustamante, President and CEO at Asia CEO Forum and Tommanny Tan, President and CEO at FERn Inc. openly shares their stories to the participants and their one main goal is to inspire and motivate young entrepreneurs to get up, strive harder and move forward despite challenges and worse, failures they are going through or have been through.

The conference was completely a unique and refreshing experience for all those who attended. They’ve gained knowledge on how to overcome failures, tips on how to deal with it and how to make adversities a meaningful gateway for success to come someone’s way.

With the support of YES Philippines’ media sponsors and partners such as Wheninmanila.com, Neotrade CCM, Voice of the Youth Network, Lightnetwork TV, Bruschette Maretti, Mega_Grafix Printing, Waters Philippines, Impact Hub Manila, Vivento, Filinvest Alabang Inc and Citibank, the conference was made possible and truly successful.

Failing Forward is an inspirational keynote conference that celebrates lessons in failures in entrepreneurship. This event’s main goal is to recognize and bring into sphere that all successes in business today have been influenced by lessons from mistakes and disappointments of an entrepreneur.

The conference was organized by YES Philippines annually every November as part of the celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week that is celebrated by over 150 countries around the globe and supported by renowned government officials, business tycoons and leading entrepreneurs.


“Success builds charater. Faliure reveals it.”
– Jayson Lo, Best-selling author of YOUnique and YOUnique Youth


“Successful entrepreneurs have immense confidence”
– Alex Araneta, Certified Gallup Entrepreneur Strengths Coach


“You have to trust your gut. You have to trust your own judgement”
– Jim Donald, Director of Reality Homes, Inc.


“If you chase money, it will run away. If you chase success,
money will come chasing you”

– Kian Kazemi, CEO of Persia Grill


“Do not be afraid to fail. Believe in yourself,
have a right mindset and get back on the horse”

– Rahul Maira, Co – founder of Groundflr


“Keep calm. Be consistent. Don’t give up.”
– Ines DeschampsDirector of Global Business Development


“Run fast. Know where you want to go.
Failure is a stepping stone for you to be better.”
– Rebecca Bustamante, President & CEO of Asia CEO Forum


“Know what you want. Learn how to get there. Never give up”
– Tommanny Tan, President & CEO of FERN, Inc.


Event Schedule

Global Entrepreneurship Week - Philippines
November 11 - 17, 2024
Metro Manila