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VOTE for SALt in the Startup Nations Summit 2014!

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304685_254_38505_M4jKFda0xThe power is in your hands! Vote for SALt in the Startup Nations Summit 2014!

The voting is now open for the final winner in the upcoming Startup Nations Summit 2014 in South Korea. 40+ contenders from different countries all over the world are battling for the title of best startup and SALt is one of the lucky finalists!

SALt is currently representing Philippines in the Summit, showcasing one of the best innovations of a Filipino inventor, an ecological lamp operated by tap water and table salt or Sustainable Alternative Lightning (SALt) Lamp.

SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting) Corp. is a startup business that promotes environmental and social responsibility to each and every Filipinos. SALt also envisions an expansion to other parts of the world, reaching places with no source of lighting. The company provides the SALt lamp, an ecological lamp design operated by tap water and table salt. It uses open Science behind electrochemistry, the basis of battery-making and a joule thief design altogether to produce an efficient lighting system with luminosity on-par with battery-operated lamps. This innovation aims to help bring an alternative lighting to Filipino households especially 20% of the population who still rely on lamps and/or candles as their main source of lighting.

Winning in the competition would give SALt the opportunity to expand their innovation and reach as much families outside the metro and provide them alternative source of lightning at a reasonable cost. SALt even offers an alternative purchasing which allows a consumer to help one family by purchasing the lamp. They are therefore requesting full support from Filipinos which could be done through prayer and most importantly, voting.

Startup Nations Summit is the only forum for 40+ Startup Nations Leaders to discuss startup ecosystem and share the latest trend and unique activities that supports startups and its communities. Startup Nations Global Conference is the first global conference in Asia to focus on startup ecosystem to support entrepreneurs and help them create opportunities of networking with entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem builders from 40+ countries.

Let the Pinoy powers unite! Vote now and help fellow Filipinos have a brighter, better lifestyle. To vote for SALt, please visit this link. Voting ends on November 14, 2014.

Event Schedule

Global Entrepreneurship Week - Philippines
November 11 - 17, 2024
Metro Manila